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Silhouette America® is only able to refund content downloaded directly through our website ( purchased within the last 30 days. You must be able to meet all validation requirements demonstrating the permanent removal of digital content, as requested by Silhouette Support. Silhouette America® without exception, cannot make a refund for thought content purchases. If the download purchase has exceeded 30 days and you cannot access digital content after troubleshooting, or if a verified design error renders digital content unusable, Silhouette America® at its sole discretion, may grant equivalent credit to your Silhouette Design Store account. It is possible to quantify the agreement between Species and k-means clusters with either the corrected Rand index and Meilas VI as follows: For questions or for processing applications, by email or by mail to Silhouette America, Inc. Attn: DSGVO Request, 618 N 2000 W, Lindon, UT 84042. The corrected rand index varies from -1 (no agreement) to 1 (perfect agreement). The value of the silhouette is a measure of how an object resembles its own cluster (cohesion) compared to other clusters (separation). The silhouette ranges from 1 to 1, with a high value indicating that the object is well adapted to its own cluster and ill-suited to adjacent clusters.

While most objects have a high value, the cluster configuration is appropriate. If many points have a low or negative value, the cluster configuration may be too many or too few clusters. Remember that the silhouette coefficient (-(S_i)) measures how similar an object (i) is to other objects in its own cluster compared to those in the neighboring cluster. The values of „S_i“ range from 1 to 1: If you are interested in becoming a Silhouette Design Store content contributor artist, you can contact for more information about the artists` contributor program. All artists are subject to these terms of use as well as the additional standards and conditions that are made available directly to artists after approval of the Artists` Art Program. Your IP address is collected during each login session and/or payment transaction to verify your location and protect you from fraud. This information is only verified in cases of fraud and is only communicated to financial institutions when cases of fraud are reported. You cannot access this information directly.

However, California residents can contact us to demand that all IP address information collected be removed from your account by sending a request to