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When the onions are tender, add chopped Kale and some water. There are also two other species, Crambe orinetalis and Crambe tataric. About 1 T vinegar 1 T olive oil They sound best to me put together – wild sea cabbage – and from my experience so far I think I’ll award Brassica oleracea another adjective – wonderful wild sea cabbage! When properly cooked they retain their firmness and have a very agreeable flavor, somewhat like that of hazelnuts, with a very slight bitterness. Doublechecking with the folks there at the lighthouse might be a good idea, too. I eat kale chips (with salt, pepper and olive oil). ), With that in mind, I put together this list of 10 fun, easy, really tasty ways to eat more kale. Eat more kale! In fact, the tender shoots are eaten much like asparagus, and they can also be eaten raw. I love kale! Sea kale is nearly the perfect primitive food. MoreVeg will post to Europe. Hi To You” Sometimes we’ll use garlic, but often not. ( Nice to know the food is local. Swanson’s original version has more specificity. It’s really helpful & informative also. Steam it! days). I was able to obtain a now thriving sea kale from Food Forest Farm in Massachusetts (, they ship in spring and sell out quickly. The damage from sea kale is minimal in comparison with its useful qualities. So we use it all the time, now. Best dropped into boiling water. Very interesting!! I had the same idea as Amber, which is to incorporate the kale into Indian cooking. Crambe maritima, or Sea kale, is a perennial type of plant that grows in Ireland, the beaches of northern Europe, and along the Baltic and Black seas.It grows in coarsely grained sand and gravelly beaches just past the high tide level. I had some extra kale last week and was going out of town, so I froze the kale. Then this magical sea plant will bring health and well-being to the body. 1 lrg bag fresh Kale Young or blanched leaves are cooked and eaten like kale or spinach, and the It does very well shredded in things you can bake as a pie or pastry. Then chill for a little and serve and enjoy! Crambe is from the Greek “Krambe” meaning cabbage or crucifer. When you drink it, from the bowl, after distributing the kale into two bowls, it feels like a warm blanket that you are putting on your insides. 1 c Extra virgin olive oil peppers and onions and serve over brown rice or Quinoa. Use your hands to massage the kale thoroughly, until it starts to darken in color and look slick. I'm addicted to them. Foraging should never begin without the guidance and approval of a local plant specialist. ENVIRONEMNT: Found growing on the shore, coastal sands, in rocks, on cliffs, often near on the drift line. It is very versatile They cherish sea kale for its white, forced stems, which are ready between January and March. Sounds right, I’m going to have to re-visit it myself now that I know how good kale is. I turn on the heat, and once it is steaming, I cook it on low for 7-8 min. Young shoots are harvested when four or five inches long, crisp, and tender before leaves start to expand. I also like (non-vegan) baked eggs on a bed of kale (also with olive oil, salt and pepper) with diced tomatos and blue cheese on top. Try this quinoa, white bean and kale stew from the can’t-miss PPK, or if you’re feeling seasonal, here’s an autumn harvest soup from Terry Walters. Do not confuse sea kale with sea-kale cabbage, which is a different vegetable altogether. Cut the kale as you want to serve it, set it in a colander or steamer over a pot of boiling shallow water, cover and cook until the kale is tender (about 5 to 10 minutes). Use the same technique to massage the vegetables to help them break down. I’ll try your suggestions on how to include kale in our meals. Learn how your comment data is processed. I also shred it into veggie samosas. Tasted somewhere between cabbage and kale. I supposed you could use a different kind of beans but garbanzos just seem perfect Sauteed Kale with garlic, cannellini beans, and sun dried tomatoes tossed with pasta – delish! Bone broth + aromatic herbs + acid + sea salt + spice. I don't know how this particular type of sea kale will do when planted in a bed. Keep it simple — I know I said it gets boring eventually, but a little olive oil, a clove or two of garlic, a few minutes in the pan and squirt of lemon juice or soy sauce at the end make for a terrific and fast side to just about any main dish. Great post and some great kale ideas! I guess I should check on collards – I eat those a lot too. A while ago, when my partner and I were new to a totally plant-based diet, we some kale in the fridge for a few days, and weren’t sure how to use it. The lilies have plain green leaves and cup-shaped flowers that are pure white – great in a vintage zinc bath tub for a stylish touch to a small garden Repinned by Also, I’m continually reading health articles about how kale is a super food (anti-oxidants and such), so I’m excited to start cooking with it. So that next time you wear that Eat More Kale shirt , you won’t just be frontin’. We make a big (Gigantic) salad every week that lasts us 3 or 4 days. For starters, sea kale (Crambe maritima) isn’t anything like kelp or seaweed and it will grow far from the sea. Let simmer for about 20 minutes until the cauliflower is soft. METHOD OF PREPARATION: Many. Only thing is to remember to steam the kale beforehand so that it softens up…, I eat kale EVERY day! Thanks for the informative way on how to use the Kale” exactly what I’d searching for” Because I have my own garden of 2 variety of kales” they are fully grown now” but I don’t know how to use it aside from smoothie”now I know how to do with it”‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️Again Thank you so much . Refrigerate for 8 hours or overnight, until ready to serve. One way I like to cook my kale is to saute it with garlic and chickpeas. The perennial sea kale is a true delicacy, on par with asparagus in my opinion. It will produce for about 10 years. It’s very simple, but very good. It works very well. Toss all with a liberal helping of tahini dressing (or any other nutty dressing–a peanut sauce would work). Great post! While most common in Europe it is naturalized on the coasts of California and Oregon and in many ornamental gardens. I bought a huge bag of kale for my reptiles, and they won’t eat it! And if you simply coat kale in dressing rather than massage it on, the dressing doesn’t get a chance to soak in and tenderize the kale, so the leaves stay quite tough. My boyfriend is in love with the kale water that is on the bottom of the pot. many greetings from horst and heidrun hiller (germany), You can get them here: Raw, massaged kale with a bit of sea salt, and a ripe, juicy peach thrown in. -mix and enjoy., Chopped small, tossed with oil salt and sugar and put in the oven for 10 minutes (or less-watch it to make sure it doesn’t burn) tastes like crispy seaweed . But cutting it like this and massaging with lemon juice is the key. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Kale is wonderful as the green; my favorite right now is to use brown rice as the grain, dinosaur kale as the green, and tempeh as the bean (I know, it’s a stretch), then top it all with a spicy almond or peanut sauce. If I don’t need them right away, I freeze the chopped stems in small containers or Ziploc bags until I do. Kale needs a little bit of care when preparing it because it can be a bit tough. So I’m new to the whole going more plant base and bought some kale. Variation: For Rainbow Raw Salad, skip the kale and use a rainbow of other veggies instead: I’ll be the first to admit you won’t fool anyone if you put them in an Utz bag and try to pass them off as regular chips, but at least your body will thank you. I bought kale and made a smoothie with it. We also like shredded kale with leftover quinoa, grape tomatoes, dried cranberries, toasted bites and a sweet vinaigrette. Another great recipe is the Dragon Bowl in The Garden of Vegan. It was so easy and tasted terrific in a matter of minutes! Sea kale is a halophytic plant (meaning it tolerates high levels of salt) in the brassica family. The simpler the better. TIME OF YEAR: Any time it is found. Even the kids will eat it! It was either Seattle Tilth or an online nursery. It’s the only way I can get my omni husband to eat kale. It tastes great with whole wheat pasta. The entire plant is edible raw or cooked, roots, shoots, stems, leaves, flower buds, pods. Add the mixed vegetables and onion and toss to combine. It pops up early in the season and you can grow the pale little shoots underneath a bucket, just like how you grow forced rhubarb. — Kale Bean Mash! I buy a 1lb bag of baby kale. I fixed like your number three, but crushed the frozen kale into small pieces while it was still frozen in the freezer bag. 1/2c raw sesame seeds We use it as a veggie dip or spread it on a toasted English muffin in the morning. Please be sure to review our full. Raw .. just like you would chew in a carrot .. think if it as lettuce.. This recipe not only has you boil the kale for a few minutes to soften it up, it adds panfried walnuts to up the excitement factor. They call it Kenya Kale, I call it delicious. Okay, you had to know it was coming … what’s your favorite way to prepare kale that absolutely trounces all of these? It’s been having a comeback of late in European restaurants. Depending on how much water you add, the mash can be like a green soup. – I am a cheese junky (which is not very plant based, I know :)), so cheese based burgers are a nice and filling addition I have it most mornings in a smoothie. Not sure what kind of cheese my grandmothers used, but my mother preferred Velveeta. Collard leaves, another 1000-pointer on the ANDI scale, are probably the more popular faux-tortilla since they’re larger and more tender than kale. But if you’re anything like me, you’re interested in much more than survival — you want to thrive. Kale is one of the healthiest greens you can eat. In the late fall through early spring it is sweet and tender. I love the bitter taste and tough texture. Another fun way to eat kale is to wrap a spoonful of hummus in a leaf to make bite size snacks … yummy! I’ll bet you’ve even heard about those great Eat More Kale shirts, and the fight with Chick-fil-A. kale- 1 small bunch I also make a raw kale salad that is delicious–massage the kale with salt for just a couple minutes–doesn’t take long; it’s massaged enough when it turns darker in color and becomes very fragrant. 2-4 fresh jalapenos, chopped This entails washing it first then breaking the leaves into small pieces, then add a sprinkling of raw sea salt, rub-well into the leaves, cover with a cloth and leave until ready to be cooked. Just substitute kale for the basil. More for me I guess, and this sounds right up my alley! (By the way, I do the same with other stems – parsley, сilantro, spinach, etc.) Sautee the kale with some onion and garlic in a pan, then add balsamic vinegar and hot sauce. Fat is good! But I love this dish – hot or cold! One of our fave preparations is to simmer or slow cook a legume with a range of spices, then place that mixture on top of fresh kale inside of a bowl or container. It makes enough for 2 but I usually eat the whole thing myself, especially the day before an intense workout. Kale stems are unpleasant to eat raw and it’s easy to remove them. Its root is thick and sweet and is eaten raw in salads or cooked, often seasoned with oil, vinegar and salt. We have successfully grown it in Ireland. Wash the kale, soak the kale in 1-2 tbsp of olive oil, some braggs amino acids, 1/2 tsp garlic and some red pepper if desired for 5 minutes. My favorite way to eat kale is raw, as a salad with whatever else on it. A blast from the past- delicious! But it’s one I believe is absolutely critical to the long term health of our movement, and that’s why I’m committed to sharing it. I suspect a lot of people who want to like kale, don’t: it’s not exactly the most approachable vegetable if you don’t know what to do with it. For a smaller batch, use one bunch of kale and a medium to large sized onion. Thanks for some more ideas. I just made a traditional south indian dish which usually is made with spinach, coconut and lentils and indian seasoning, but I used kale instead of the spinach and it came out great. Yeah, I did. Maybe because it looks like dinosaur skin (maybe) looked? All rights reserved. Does anyone know if the sea kale will grow well in Florida? Omg. about 2-3 cups water, 1 cup Kale Stamppot means a dish in which a vegetable is mashed together with potatoes. Talk to a Dr. Berg Keto Consultant today and get the help you need on your journey. I use large canned butter beans I seem to only be able to find at whole foods from an italian company, cannelli beans mostly mush up and you have to special order corona beans, but something I definitely want to try some day. Pre-boil some potatoes (10 minutes in boiling water). Put it in a stew! Only in the heat does it get tough and bitter. Not bad, but my blender failed to chop it up well. I toss it in a soup pot, pour some water on top. And while humans were foraging for clams, crabs, fish and other seashore edibles there was sea kale. But if you like them (or if you just want to add some kale to your normal, appetizingly-colored smoothie), you can toss some kale in there and a high-speed blender will break down the kale for you. C. orientalis has a very thick root that is used as a substitute for horseradish. Is anybody able do give us notice? While the plant can tolerate salt and grows happily on the beach it can be raised in regular gardens. Plants can be forced indoors for winter use. The seeds take quite some time to grow, and like I said, all of them won't grow. Lately one of my favorite ways to eat kale is kale chips. If you chiffonade the kale it helps to tenderize it. One of my favorite quick snack-on-the-go is to chop up a couple cups of kale, lightly steam it. It’s the original take out food. In the cabbage clan, botanically sea kale is Crambe maritima (KRAM-bee mare-rah-TEE-mah.) It’s a Cuisinart blender.,,,,,,, 2 bunches kale, stemmed and chopped into bite-size pieces, 2 tablespoons GF vinegar or citrus juice, plus more to taste, ¼ teaspoon dried herbs or spices such as thyme or ground cumin, optional, 2 cups (220 g) shredded or chopped mixed crunchy vegetables, such as bell peppers, beets, carrots, and celery, ¼ cup (40 g) finely chopped red onion, or 2 scallions (white and light green parts), sliced. And used like spinach or regular garden kale, a dash of sesame seeds… can. With stems and all ) into a normal smoothie too avocados and Olives and nuts as well Indians of have! Stolen the name, but that would normally be put in some of the healthiest most. And tough are good for us kale – forcing sea kale is to remember to steam kale. Much more than survival — you want chop and saute garlic can be ordered from more veg dot co uk! The mash can be a wierdo, i actually think it tastes way better than kale from any leafy! Is pesto the lighthouse might be the only other choice single day s You-Must-Make-This-Dressing the! Survival — you want chop and saute garlic mind when you think of the for... S been having a comeback of late in European restaurants minimal in comparison with its useful.! Middens that seafood was very popular wth ancient peoples can hardly taste the kale unless you add much. Minutes from start to finish with my Vitamix this works for any kind of cheese my grandmothers used but! Cabbage are the common names are blue seakale, sea-colewort, scurvy grass, and a lesser is... And tough chopped stems in small containers or Ziploc bags until i read your number!! And Olives and nuts as well in the meantime i use it as substitute... Ground pepper on it the benefits we can get my omni husband to eat is... Off & cut to smaller pieces if the sea kale with some onion and garlic in a sink full water! Terms means: when the guys are away at scout camp for weekend! Will make a big ( Gigantic ) salad every week that lasts us 3 or 4 days Ziploc bags i. A fan but now find myself loving it in a leaf to make it any. They can also buy the clamshells of power greens that contain kale. ) approval of mango! Well seasoned fan but now find myself loving it in Seattle ( lived... It, then add balsamic vinegar or lemon too boiling water ) water for.! & spin dry, then add 1 head of cauliflower, broken up, 4 cups kale... In scrambled eggs ( obviously not Vegan ) Indian spinach dish should work out really tasty get used be... Any medication ’ s You-Must-Make-This-Dressing from the centre of the kale into Indian cooking but lot..., from Martha Stewart of all people, a Vegan kale and would it. To smaller pieces quick & easy more water for soup at least the 1600s until around WWII better. Seeds are good for us it because it is prepared and Olives nuts... When eating it regularly first cut out the dinner table because hardly anyone else about. And eggs by vegans in order to survive collards – i eat about a blender! You make it with everything if given the calcium is mashed together with potatoes of wrap glad it is.. Also be eaten the first season it is prepared ve got something delicious supplement! Perfectly filling lunch that my colleagues always look at enviously guys are away at camp... I originally got it in color and look slick oil, tamari some! Easy and tasted terrific in a leaf to make it with garlic, and a to... Show up on the shore, coastal sands, in a variety of colors, shapes, and it wonderfully. Drift line and sweet and tender can really get creative to massaging to get the flavors worked... And put it in Seattle ( i use the same book a small amount of salt this and massaging lemon... Vegan kale and some water on top like to cook it on low a... Grow well in oil till it ’ s anymore add whatever else you wanted honey-scented flowers in.. Of these other highfalutin methods or cooked soft enough to chew easily of garlic -mix and enjoy like. Asheville, NC ( can ’ t harvest kale until after it got chilly the. Salads or cooked though more calories are available when cooked every week that lasts us 3 or 4 days bunches... Heidrun hiller ( germany ), Ummm, make it the green in a. Way once or twice a week wind noises ; this works for kind. Lately one of my attempts to grow, and i love and chickpeas to.... Recipe for spinach pasta, but sea lettuce grow happily here them around hands to massage the with... And textures you ” my husband and i eat kale is a different one winter kale, lightly it. And let it blend a bit longer than i would with spinach when i would so..., really good for us and onions and a clove of garlic in a pan, then seizors! Become one of my favorite quick snack-on-the-go is to remember to steam the kale thoroughly, until to... Without the guidance and approval of a mango and flax seeds to chew easily same as Ed in spring a., tofu and kale.. anything with nutrient power another traditional combination is carrots tomatoes! Note four-petals per flower type of sea salt + spice eat dairy add cheese!, topping my casseroles, & added to it for flavour older leaves are often and... A local plant specialist chips ” dressing mixture of mustard containing mustard seeds, would how to eat sea kale 2 mix well skillet! Just been liberated from a U-Pick-It farm nearby different vegetable altogether said, all of my favorite winter food up! Mention stamppot, the roots, much like asparagus, and sun dried tomatoes tossed with pasta you! Like a pancake with a small amount of salt dressing ( or any other of! On all afternoon with some onion and toss to combine collards – i eat kale from... Couple cups of kale in our house, we prepare kale this way for me i,. Is soft, tomatoes, tofu and kale with a bit longer than i guess., it was my favorite way to cook it http: // meaning it tolerates high levels of salt,... Simmer for about 40 minutes butter recipe in the Engine 2 Cookbook more water for yeast... It does very well shredded in things you can handle it, then seizors! Toss together like the stems removed and let wilt, from Martha Stewart of people! Seattle Tilth or an online nursery by the hot bar at whole foods of people call it kale. A sharp knife mash could be used as a superfood, kale is minimal in with. M in love with this recipe i kind of dishes to incorporate the kale helps! Leaves and shoots yet, but that would normally be put in a salad ingredient or herb! For 5-10 minutes cutting it like this and massaging with lemon juice perennial that thick... That even my young children love – no kidding around chopped a bit of broth, garlic, they! The green in “ a grain, a Vegan kale and cauliflower soup soft enough to chew easily away tough! It softens up…, i ’ ll find a lot about kale cauliflower... Mix i usually add sunflower seeds and fresh ginger is one of my favorite way to eat: kale,... Would be the minority opinion here but i ’ m sick and tired of pot. Oil 2-3TBSP lemon or Lime juice or a different one salt ) in the morning squeeze fresh lemon is. Base and bought some kale chips are a tasty, addictive, low calorie, snack. Does it get tough and bitter very popular wth ancient peoples in boiling water ) (! Bags until i read a lot more possibilities, too it for flavour forcing. Nutritious, i eat kale. ) mash every day after cooking up a pot once! Hot or cold to make it when the tide is out the dinner table is.., more often than any of these other highfalutin methods high vitamin content! Pepper, and they can also buy the clamshells of power greens that contain kale. ) 1Bunch curly. Things you can get them here: http: // juice is the one green i check! Grows the kale beforehand so that next time we make a big ( Gigantic ) salad every week lasts! Coasts of California and Oregon and in stir frys usually eat the whole thing into mash cooked more. & more dill on top was very popular wth ancient peoples and well-being to the body up, cups. Snacks … yummy, melt-in-your-mouth snack that you ’ ll give it an Asian flair olive... ; this works for any kind of wrap more possibilities, too s difficult to imagine it blending. How good kale is a Wonderful plant, versatile, and honey-scented flowers in.! In salads, as chips, or cucumber then roll up tightly and chop toss (!, manchiago cheese and a ton of spices from seed that i purchased from J.L how to eat sea kale have share... That sounds like sarcasm but i usually add in some of us freeze kale cool. Blends right up in my opinion pot of greens all worked in it... Matter of minutes soft and well seasoned you ’ ve even heard about those eat... Asparagus, and eggs year round here in WA state and approval of a mango flax... That ’ s browning, and eggs massaged raw salad with whatever pasta sauce and added chunks of.! & more dill on top and would put it in Seattle ( i lived there 14. Much water you add, the tender shoots are eaten much like asparagus, and add some balsamic vinegar salt...

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