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Brian: Were there any minor errors? Trading skills are essential to ensure you get the best possible price. There are several principles of real estate negotiation. Ask an agent to name a few. You will soon find out who is the best negotiator. A good trader can easily align up to 10% more on your selling price. Do it, it can mean thousands of dollars. If you have an attractive home, you don`t need a seller as much as a negotiator. Be very careful: most agents are bad negotiators. Insist on an agent who is a competent negotiator.

Once you register with the agent, if the selling price is lower than the price you indicated, too bad. There is nothing in „standard“ real estate agreements that require agents to respond to their offers. With several agency agreements, none of the agents will try very hard to sell your property if the other agent spice them up on the post. Therefore, they will go for the first buyer, not necessarily the one who is willing to pay the most. One of the most common mistakes made by sellers is to believe that the price of the agent cited for the sale of their home. 2. Do not use the full legal name for the buyer. There are many problems that arise if you do not use the buyer`s full legal name (s). Here are some common mistakes: If you try not to make the above mistakes, you`re really good for yourself (and your customers)! Leave a comment below and share it with your colleagues. Agents can say that their agreement is „standard.“ But it is designed according to the agent`s standard, not to your standards.

It protects the agents. It doesn`t protect you. Don`t confuse improvements with presentation. Make your home shine and your price will shine. Watch out for the little things that make a big impression – the front garden and the first appearance of your home. Lean back and see what buyers will see when they arrive. Cleanliness is essential. One of the most important and neglected aspects of selling a home is its smell. Pleasant fragrances create pleasant moods, while bad smells will be an immediate rejection for a buyer.

A glittering house always sells for a higher price. Be careful what you spend to improve your home. This may not suit all buyers. You will rarely receive more than half the cost of your upgrades in return when you sell. Don`t give large sums for home improvement just before the sale of your home. The more people can see your property, the better you`ll have the chance to sell it! I see these mistakes all the time. Thank you for writing… You don`t need a salesman, you need a good negotiator. A good trader can easily mean ten percent extra on your selling price. To find out if an agent is a competent negotiator, ask the agent to teach you how to negotiate. If you`re not impressed with what you`re hearing, if you`re not learning something valuable, don`t hire the agent.

Brian: So it would be the do`s and the don`ts to fill out an agency contract? Brian Cannan: Today I have with me Greg Jemmeson of Jemmeson Fisher Solicitors and Accountants.